Business Travellers Pay for Own Extras

Research indicates that you are more likely to pay for your own extras on work related travel trips

Expenses stretching

There was a time when everyone tried to stretch the boundaries of what could be considered to include in an expenses claim when travelling on business. It seems that in their past lives members of the team knew people who had claimed for 

  • gifts for children and other loved ones
  • dined ala carte instead of buffet
  • watched in-room video channels but asked receptionists to list the charge as laundry 
  • conducted extra-marital affairs on business expenses 

The list it seems is only limited by the imagination of the person claiming the expenses.

Happy to pay

Research conducted by travel platform Travelport has revealed that 55 percent of business and work related travellers are happy to pay out of their own pocket for upgrades on items such as

  • airline seats,
  • hotel or hotel room,
  • WIFI and
  • rental cars.

Younger are happier

The age group that is happiest to pay for work related travel extras are the 22-37 year-olds.

This is in line with the the spending habits of this age group who are more likely to spend on experiences rather than possessions and may see paying for their own on-the-job travel extras as a way of enhancing their travel experience.

Older work related travellers often perceive the extra as a way of making the arduous experience of travelling more pleasant and are therefore more likely to want to reclaim the expenses that they incur. 

Travel is a perk of the job

​With the growing interest in world life balance and all that that involves You might think that people would want to be spending more time at home.

For some people, 83% of those surveyed the opposite is true. The opportunity to have a job that includes the opportunity to travel is seen by many people as a desirable perk of the job.

Forty percent of the survey participants said that they would like to work for a company that wanted them to travel more frequently.

Sharing personal data

It also seems that work related travellers also want to forge personal connections with providers of hospitality and travel services like airlines and hotel groups  

Seventy percent of work related travellers are willing to provide their personal data to sellers of products and services if they receive personalised ads based on their previous online browsing history or their previous travel purchases.

This should not really come as a surprise as there is a growing trend for consumers of all types to want communications from suppliers to be more tailored and personalised.

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