Points All Round

We look at the changes airlines are making to reward the companies for booking the flights that frequent work related travellers take

The perk of loyalty

As regular work-related travellers the team at Work Place Travel Centre know that one of the perks of spending days and weeks away from home is membership of the various airline and hotel loyalty programmes.

Loyal to every type of travel

Accumulating the frequent flyer miles and hotel points and the different coloured cards adds to your status as a traveller with airlines, hotel groups and car hire companies and to a certain extent with work colleagues.

Converted to more travel

It also helps at home when all that travelling that meant family events were missed are converted by using points into a long weekend away.

The big switch

Whilst many employers allowed employees to earn and use these points during the period of austerity many changed to cheaper airlines and hotels that did not offer loyalty schemes.

Big carriers respond

Many of the big carriers have responded with the launch of programmes that reward employers as well as their employees.

British Airways

British Airways has the ONBusiness programme that includes points earning opportunities that can be used to buy flights in the same way as individual flyer Avios can be.


United has launched the Propel programme that will offer mid-market companies with access to better discounts and travel amenities though United Jetstream, a business portal designed for corporate customers and agency partners.
United has also improved it Academia programme that offers more flexibility and benefits for bookings made by a university or college.


Meanwhile Delta has Delta Edge a special offer for corporations that includes Sky Bonus a rewards programme for companies that also allows their employees to earn points from the SkyMiles programme.


This is similar to the Business Extra rewards programme that is offered by American Airlines to companies but does not limit the ability of employees to earn AAdvantage miles.


One of fastest growing carriers, Turkish Airlines has taken a slightly different albeit perhaps more traditional angle. Instead of earning points customers are rewarded for reaching spending targets with additional discounts and access to enhanced services.