Free In-Flight Snacks

As United Airline announces free in-flight snacks for all economy passengers on all USA domestic departures we look at the healthy way to take advantage of access to the bottomless biscuit barrel!

In-flight snacks always on hand

On the face of it, it sounds like a great idea!

United Airlines have announced that they will make complimentary snacks available to economy passengers on all domestic USA flights regardless of the departure time.

Meeting Customer Demand

The snacks will include Byrd’s Maple Wafers, pretzels and the customer favorite, stroopwafel.

“Since we reintroduced free snacks a few years ago, says Toby Enqvist, United’s Chief Customer Officer our customers have come to look forward to enjoying their personal favourites on board – whether it be the stroopwafel, our exclusive maple wafers or the classic pretzels,”

“Now we’re going a step further and when it comes to snacks, every customer wins, since our entire in-flight snack line up is available to choose from no matter the time of day.”

Food key part of flying

As experienced work related business travellers we are only too well aware of the benefits of having using flying time to catch up on sleep, and meals that have been missed on the ground.

We also know the dangers of how attractive a quick snack can be when in-flight boredom sets in. Too tired to work, or watch a movie, yet too awake to sleep eating regardless of how diet busting the available options are can become very tempting.

A big fan of a good snacking session is Greg Saunders of Shape Employee Health and Well-Being.

Snacking or Dining

Greg cautions business travellers to be careful not to over-indulge.

Snacking is great when it enables you to fill a gap between healthy meals, but you should be careful not to use big snacking sessions as replacements for a balanced meal.

Hungry or Dehydrated?

If you feel hungry when you board a flight the chances are that you are actually feeling dehydrated and instead of snacking, you would be better off drinking water.

How do you know when enough is enough?

Greg offers work related travellers a good way to accept that they have had enough.

It’s not how full your stomach feels but how greasy your fingers feel.

The purpose of snacking is to give a boost to energy levels in-between meals. As a result, many snacks are often high in fat or sugar or in the case of Greg’s favourite snack, a doughnut, both.

If, after you’ve had a snack, says Greg, your fingers feel greasy and you need to wipe them with a napkin or wash them, you should not go back for another snack.