My Way In campaign launched by Amber Rudd

The Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP the Work and Pensions Secretary aims to make it easier than ever before for parents to find work.


Work and Pensions Secretary

The Work and Pensions Secretary the Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, has written in an article for the Sunday Express that her new initiative will make it easier than ever before for parents to find work.

School run

When children start school for the first time parents who have taken a career break to look after those children also have the opportunity to get back into their career or start something entirely new.

Conventional working patterns don’t always accommodate the dropping children at school in the morning or picking them up again at the end of the school day.

My Way In

Ms Rudd announced that the Department for Work and Pensions is launching a new web site that will focus on jobs that work for working parents.

The new website will use technology to gather more than 50,000 job adverts, all specifically designed with flexible working in mind, with both full and part time working hours.

Ms Rudd is also Minister for Women described being a parent as a balancing act that is not easy to maintain.

For many, mums and dads when their children start school they have the opportunity to focus on their career again, but they still want to put their family first.

Work can become the second priority as parents try to manage work and family commitments.

Ms Rudd said that she wanted parents to know that she is backing them, by ensuring that when they want to work, opportunities are available for goof flexible work that fits into the world of the breakfast rush, packed lunches and school run.

Working mothers like Ms Fiona Dawson Chair of the Women’s Business Council, millions of women are facing a tricky daily balancing act between the demands of holding down a job and their family commitments.

More than parenting commitments

It’s not just childcare commitments that impact the the career development of talented people. Care commitments can also be for the care of an elderly, or disabled relative.

People can also need to work flexibly because they have a volunteering commitment.

Case study – Vicky’s story

Vicky was out of work for nine-and-a-half years due to mental health issues and looking after her children. A change came when she enrolled in an employment programme called Youth Engineering.

Vicky described returning to work as improving her mental health dramatically.

She had convinced herself that she just wasn’t capable, but found out that she is!

The biggest change is that now she is going out and doing something for herself whereas before she wasn’t. Vicky now has a full time job, and her children are proud of her, as she is of herself!

Commitments and solutions

The range of commitments that someone can have which impact their availability for conventional working hours is extensive.

There are also an extensive range of soilutions for people who have difficulties with a conventional working day.

  • staggered hours,
  • flexi-time
  • remote working,
  • etc

Win-win opportunity

The My Way In campaign seems to be a good way to convince both non working carers and employers that working and caring can be balanced and everyone can benefit.

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