What is Your Career Pedigree?

We look at how the reputation of your employer can impact how other potential new employers will look at you

When planning your career you should remember that sometimes what you achieve is not as important as where you achieve it.

Not Always About the Money

You may be offered a fantastic opportunity with the potential to earn a lot of money. But stop and ask yourself will that company look good on my CV, when I decide to move on?

Reputation Matter

The reality is that some companies have better reputations than others and that rubs off on their employees. It could be because of the commercial results the company has achieved, a period of change it has been through, the quality of the training it provides, or a perceived way of working. All of these add up to a perception that could impact whether you are invited to an interview or not.

Length of Employment

A good company name can also turn bad! Spend two or three years with a company and you are a prime candidate. Extend that to five years and you may be perceived to have become institutionalised.

Your Career is Judged Before You Are

It is not unknown for recruiters to invite candidates for interview on the basis of a past employer. Likewise people from some companies are immediately rejected.

Education Pedigree Matters

The same is true for universities and colleges. An applicant who studied at a university with a strong reputation for the quality of their teaching, research, or commercial applications is more likely to be interviewed than a candidate who studied at a university that lacks a good reputation.

Location, Location, Location

Locations also have images. If you have worked in a 24 hour city like New York or Hong Kong you will be perceived to have a different attitude to work than somebody who has worked in the relaxed cultures of southern Europe.

Think About Your Future Pedigree

Before you apply for a job, and certainly before you accept an offer you must ask yourself whether the reputation of that company will add to or detract from your career potential.

Calmly Assess Job Offers

Try to look through the elation of receiving an offer, remove the rose tinted glasses and discover the reality of your potential employer

Ask colleagues in the same industry or profession. Assess the reaction of family members and friends when you tell them you are considering working for a company. And check out what people in the recruitment industry think.