Key Actions for Great Customer Care

We look at the model used by Cisco to achieve long term customer retention

​Making customer care a business priority has never been more important.

Always right?

There is that saying that the customer is always right.

That remains true, because in businesses are making more of an effort to find out what their customers really think about every aspect of their lives.

Businesses are treating the provision of content that demonstrates that they understand their customers as an importance aspect of delivering customer service.

Content has become a key aspect of not just thriving as a business but survival itself.

It’s almost an obsession!

500% growth

According to an article published in Business Reporter: Companies that can provide a superior Customer experience can grow their  revenue five times faster on average than their competitors.

Cisco’s Head of Digital Customer Experience, Zarina Pasalic, proposes five ways in which a business can implement perfect service for a customer

  1. Acknowledge the customer needs and expectations
  2. Stay connected with the customer throughout the contract lifecycle, not just at point of sale
  3. Digital is everywhere. Customers live in digital channels, meet them where they are.
  4. Allow customers to take control of their own buying journey with more self-service options
  5. Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect customer vulnerabilities and drive hyper personalisation

Pasalic puts it like this: “Cisco is doing everything in its power to retain customers for life.” They wish to ensure customer loyalty by providing “signature” best in class customer experience.

The bottom line is that businesses today must modernise and simplify the way they approach and interact with customers.” Only then can they have a system in place which will truly satisfy the customer.


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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