How to harness the enthusiasm of young workers

The young are often keen to change the world, but how do we harness that enthusiasm to enhance workplace performance

Learning and Development Influencers Europe

​Julia Tybura attended the Learning and Development Influencers Europe event for and met Sophie Woolen, Head of People and Culture.

In a nutshell

What, in a nutshell, Sophie, are you talking about at the Learning and Development Influencers Event Europe?

The importance of creating an engaged workforce.

My focus is on the young workforce today, who are already engaged with world issues, like climate change, and harness their engagement so that their energy is connected to the work that they’ve been employed to do.

3 key issues

Given your topic and lens through which you are talking today, what are the top 3 key issues in learning and development that organisation’s face as we move into 2020?

  1.  learning needs to be connected to the business. We need to have honest conversations about why we are up-skilling or developing our people – it’s not just about learning and development, it’s all about engagement. We need to connect learning with the direction of focus of the organisation.
  2. How do we make learning and development relevant and engaging for the younger workforce? We keep doing the same thing again and again and wonder why they are not engaged. We need to put some more fun into our learning environment. To do this, we need to set back, look at why we’re here and help them to connect with the vision and mission of our organisations. We need to up-skill our people in their current role to enable progress.
  3. Progression is a key issue – we need to look at where the gaps are in our workforce design and our workforce’s skills. We need to think how we support people to go outside their comfort zone and enable them to enter into challenging roles.

What are the solutions to the key issues?

Managers never find out what other generations really feel like about learning and development because they don’t necessarily speak or listen to those staff. Sometimes it feels like fake problems are being addressed….

The C-suite, learning and development practitioners and middle managers need to create a culture of communication and feedback – all empowered by C-suite – that will support true delivery and action so that something really good happens.

Julia Tybura MSc Chartered FCIPD FRSA

Julia Tybura MSc Chartered FCIPD FRSA

Board Trustee and Director

As a leader, business owner and non-executive director with over 25 years’ experience in HR, OD and general management roles, Julia combines national policy level access and thinking with a deep understanding of specific culture issues and their solutions. Julia’s expertise lies in offering advice and support on board, leadership and organisational development, stakeholder engagement, strategy making and governance.

Julia is Founder/owner of Zenon Consulting, a boutique OD/HR consultancy and currently sits on 3 Boards – Borough Market, Liaison Group and the Healthcare People Management Association London Academy. At Borough Market she is the non-executive lead on learning and entrepreneurship.

Julia was co-founder and Chair of CIPD London – the City wide collaborative of 22,000 CIPD (HR) members and is co-founder of the CIPD HR Leaders’ network in South East London.

She is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Greenwich, Visiting Lecturer at Queen Mary University and a Fellow of the RSA.

With an MSc in Strategic HR management and organisational change and Belbin accredited, Julia is studying for a Diploma in Interior Design and the Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. Julia coaches leaders in developing their business acumen, political savvy and personal impact as part of her High Impact Leadership model delivery.

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