New intelligence needed for 21st Century

A look at the new Social Intelligence that will be needed by everyone in the 21st Century

You will probably have heard of IQ, the intelligence quotient that measures someone’s ability to process information and solve problems. You may even be aware of EQ the emotional quotient that measures someone’s ability to understand other people.


EQ was the defined by Daniel Goleman in the last quarter of the 20th century.

Companies of all kinds became keen to hire employees who had high levels of EQ skills, which were usually demonstrated by an ability to have emotional empathy in a ‘one-to-one’ situation that enabled the employee to build a connection with the person sitting across from you, whether that was an employee, customer, or supplier.

Now Stephen Miles of USA based coaching company TMG says that you will also need to be aware of your SocQ.


Miles developed the concept of SocQ – short for “social intelligence quotient” and pronounced “sōce-q” – to describe the ability to authentically communicate on a broad level one’s empathy and sensitivity around an event, position, or action, taking into account society’s response to the issue.

Regardless of whether you are taking a strong stance around the diversity issues or developing a company environmental policy, you are not stating a position in a vacuum.

Everything and anything can go viral

People in the organization must be equipped to handle the fact that every individual on this planet is a broadcaster of information.

Everything and anything can go viral and instantaneously.

Once something has been shared it has the potential to be seen by the whole world. Everything becomes something that is used to assess an organisation and set expectations of how that organisation behaves.

Social economy

Our economy is changing into what is being called the ‘social economy.’

This move changes the model for executives around how they need to communicate into one in which the individuals who receive the information that you want to share can easily find multiple sources of information on the same subject.

This broader access to information creates a more informed individual who is more likely to be confident in questioning what you are telling them.

People are also more willing to share information as a way of checking what you have told them.

There is as your comments become viral, and your brand and reputation are at greater risk, no place to hide.

SocQ is values based

If you find yourself in a crisis event, you must have a foundational purpose or values as a leader and as a company to guide you through the countless messages you need to put out there.

It is explains, Stephen important for companies to help their managers and staff to develop a ‘SocQ muscle’ that helps them to authentically develop and communicate this purpose.

All employees across the organization need SocQ

SocQ is not just something for senior managers. The problems that organsiations experiences happen on the shop floor, in the workshop and in telephone conversations and chat bot. It is important for employees at every level to understand SocQ and apply it to the way in which they behave with colleagues, customers and suppliers in every situation.

The employees who are out there solving problems in call centers, in retail, wherever they happen to be – these are the ones there when an issue happens. The more awareness that you can have around that and the more tools that you have at your disposal, the better you can effectively address the situation immediately when it arises.”

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