Joan Collins in one-woman show

Joan Collins announces changes to tour of one-woman show Joan Collins Unscripted

Joan Collins unscripted

Global superstar Joan Collins will be touring the UK in a one-woman show, about  which the Manchester Evening News said,

“We could have listened to Joan talk all night”

Stories, and chat

Joan Collins Unscripted will see audiences enthralled as Dame Joan reveals some of the exciting stories and secrets from her career which spans several decades.

There is also a question and answer session which will give audience members the chance to ask questions about her life and career.

Superlatives like legend are handed out with some abandon nowadays but Dame Joan remains a true star of stage, screen and TV, who started her career during the Hollywood studio era when she partied with Marilyn Monroe

Joan Collins Unscripted will provide her fans with a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend an intimate, entertaining and unforgettable evening in the company of a true Hollywood legend.

Star across the generations

Joan Collins is best known for her role in the hit TV series Dynasty. In 1981 Collins was offered a role in the second season of the then-struggling new soap opera playing Alexis Carrington, the beautiful and vengeful ex-wife of tycoon Blake Carrington (John Forsythe).

Her performance is generally credited as one factor in the fledgling show’s subsequent rise in the Nielsen ratings to rival the oil industry focused TV series Dallas.

For other generations Dame Joan is remembered as the star of the film versions of the her sister Jackie Collins’ books The Bitch and The Stud.

Older generations will remember Dame Joan as the young British actress whose name was mentioned alongside stars like Elizabeth Taylor.

However or whenever you first became aware of Joan Collins there is little doubt that this is one unforgettable lady.

Off screen activities

In 2015, Collins was made a Dame for services to charity.

Since the late 1970s, Collins has written several books (including beauty and autobiographical books). In 1988, she published her first novel, Prime Time, and she has continued to publish various kinds of writing.

Some shows postponed

Some appearances by Dame Joan Collins in the tour of her one-woman show Joan Collins have been postponed.

Dame Joan explains the reason for the postponement:

“I was very much looking forward to touring the UK in September with Joan Collins Unscripted.

Unfortunately, since I’m flying to LA today due to my commitment to American Horror Story, we have had to postpone the UK Tour until February.

Please get in touch with the venue and they will happily change your tickets to the new dates or refund you in full. This is unfortunately out of my control, but I hope you will be able to re-book and come see me so I can regale you with many new stories about my latest projects!”