Great Way To Launch Our Work Place Book Club

The Counterfeit Candidate is a debut novel that is a great first read for our work place book club!  

Without any particular reason when it came my turn to read The Counterfeit Candidate, I didn’t want to like it.

My colleagues at Rest and Recreation had been sent the book to review and had been invited to participate in a Blog Tour. Persuasive characters that they are they convinced the editor of to organise our own book tour.

As a result, this copy of The Counterfeit Candidate, we were only sent one copy, has been through a few hands before it reaches me.

I am reader number nine and to be honest it hasn’t taken than long for my turn to come round.

This is perhaps a testament to how quickly this book draws you in, and how easy it is to read very quickly.

Maybe my predetermined negativity is the result of being so far down the circulation list.

Work Based Book Club

I take receipt of the book totally ignorant of the views of the previous readers. We have agreed to share our views in the first video call of what I am told is our new book club. And I am a founding member along with the other eight readers.

Having a workplace book club was not something that we had, as far as I know, planned, but it seems like a decent idea. The Counterfeit Candidate is a pretty good way to kick the whole thing off as well.


One of the ways that publishers build an audience for a book is to give it a genre. A book can be all sorts of genre, a thriller, a romance, an action adventure, a mystery, a crime capper, a historical fiction. The list of possibilities seems endless.

First novel

The Counterfeit Candidate may be the debut novel by author Brian Klein, but it has elements of all these genres.

I am not quite sure what the difference should be between an authors’ first novel and their tenth. Perhaps the expectation is that the later work will be better than the first. If that is true, I am looking forward to when our Book Club receives the tenth novel from Mr Klein.

Just another couple of minutes

Perhaps it is the mix of genres in The Counterfeit Candidate that has me fully absorbed.

Short chapters give the plot an action packed, stop the front-page feel. It is easy to visualise every scene, every twist in the plot.

I found myself working out ways that I might be able to find a ten-minute gap in my calendar to return and take in another chapter.

Twin storylines

Beginning in 1945 the story questions whether Adolf Hitler and Eva Baum really did commit suicide in Berlin. If we suspend belief in the accepted way that Hitler escaped justice for his war crimes, and instead perhaps believe as Stalin apparantly did that Hitler and Baum escaped to live out their lives in South America.

How did they stay incognito, and what sort of lives did they lead?

Chapters can be set in 1945 or in a parallel story line, almost like a second book that is set in 2012, when the evidence of Hitler’s escape and secret post dictatorship life just might have been discovered in the haul of an audacious bank robbery.

Klein weaves the events in these two storylines together in a way that the events of 1945 explain the events in 2012. And he does it so seamlessly.

A bank robbery

Argentina in 2012, the safety deposit boxes at an Argentinian bank are raided by three robbers. They escape with the contents of over a hundred boxes. Most of the boxes will set them up for a life of luxury. One contains the information that some people will do anything to keep secret.


Over almost three hundred pages of fast paced writing Klein takes the reader on a journey which explores the consequences of what happens when a closely guarded secret is at risk of being exposed.

Every twist in the plot is perfectly realistic and as thrilling as the most thrilling theme park ride.

Conspiracy theory

To make The Counterfeit Candidate work you must accept that it is possible that Adolf Hitler and his entourage escaped Germany at the end of World War Two.

If you are prepared to do this The Counterfeit Candidate will have you, just like it had me on the edge of your seat.

Outstanding ideas

Despite my desire not to like either the book, The Counterfeit Candidate or the idea of having a workplace book club, I concede quite willingly that the book is a fantastic work of fiction.

If only we could guarantee that every book, we get to read in our workplace book club is as good as our inaugural title I will be renewing my membership.