Contra History Made Plausible

A first novel that feeds my fascination with Contra History  

I love the idea of what if!  

A fascination with what if

One of my fascinations is contra history, which sometimes is more of an if only.

Contra History is the science, some might say, of analysing if historical events had gone the other way and postulating what the world might as a result be like today.

Maybe it is my mathematical mind, that I at least claim to have or my interest in getting all the information before I make a decision, especially before writing content for WorkWorkWork.Works but contra history has always fascinated me.

Common contra history scenarios

What would the world be like if Henry VIII had had a son with his first wife rather than the daughter who went on to become Queen Mary, England’s first queen? Would there have been an Anglican church and all of the inter-Christian conflict?

What would the world be like if Europeans had immigrated to the American colonies in greater numbers or if those colonies had been populated in the same way as the colony in Australia? Would there have been a need for the transatlantic slave trade?

Or even what would the world be like if Hitler and his wife Eva Braun had not taken their own lives as the Third Reich was defeated but had escaped to a new life in South America top continue their plan for world domination and establish a fourth Reich?

Realistic contra history scenario

In The Counterfeit Candidate, Brian Klein presents a realistic story of how this contra history might have happened.

In doing so he has created a compelling yarn about what happens when fulfilling a purpose takes precedence over self. Klein takes us on a journey into the psychology people who are driven by exactly that belief. They do not exist as the WOKE generation do that, they must be the best version of themselves that they can be. They exist to fulfil a purpose and will do whatever it takes to achieve that objective.

Fast-paced thriller

The Counterfeit Candidate is totally plausible. Moving between different timeframes the level of detail is impressive, for me as a detail orientated person, yet it is all presented in a fast-paced action thriller, with numerous plot twists and cliff hanger moments.

In every good story there are goodies and baddies, and obviously in this story the baddies are well obvious. You know the Nazi’s even in retirement are not going to win. Nevertheless, there is something about the way in which Klein has built the characters which gives them a more human perspective than the pantomime villain persona that baddies are often given.

Glad to participate

Reading The Counterfeit Candidate is not something I would have done if I had not been asked to participate in the Blog Tour.

I would I admit have judged the book by the cover and moved on.

But I am glad that I said yes. I was quickly interested in the different characters and if I am honest, I wanted to know that the baddies got what they deserved. The journey that Klein took me on to that point was an exhilarating adventure.