Conspiracy Theory Thriller

A thriller with its roots in a conspiracy theory.   

One of the great conspiracy theories of the twentieth century is the basis of The Counterfeit Candidate, the first novel from Brian Klein

Rewriting history

Every period of history probably had its conspiracy theories.

So, perhaps is it just the technology that we now have and the speed at which ordinary people can share their ideas and grievances which gives the impression that more people than ever before are promoting and believing those conspiracy theories.

By conspiracy theory I mean that when something happens to someone or a group of people that they do not like they create a theory that to explain the reason why it has happened that puts the blame on something that they cannot control.

  • The student who failed their exams not because they didn’t work hard enough, but because the teachers didn’t like them
  • The candidate who did not get the job, not because there were other candidates who were better qualified, but because the interviewer had an ism or phobia about one of their characteristics,
  • The politician who lost the election not because they didn’t get enough votes, but because the other candidate received votes that were counted twice or were made in the name of dead people.

All of these are conspiracy theories.

Did Hitler die in 1945?

Another historical conspiracy theory is explored by Brian Klein in his first novel The Counterfeit Candidate, which looks at the theories surrounding the death of Adolf Hitler at the end of World War Two and what might have happened if he had escaped to South America.

Safely ensconced in rural Argentina, Hitler attempts to take over the world using his hoard of Nazi gold.

It sounds far-fetched, but commercial colonialism was a success for the USA in the second half of the twentieth century and is proving successful for China in the 21st.


The Counterfeit Candidate centres on what happens when some treasured memorabilia is inadvertently lost and what the people around Hitler are prepared to don in order to retrieve it.

Addictive would be a good way to describe this thriller.

Klein took this reader on a thrilling rollercoaster ride of totally believable surprises, across time periods and locations.

The suspense left me wanting more.