Add A Thriller To Your Journey

The Counterfeit Candidate a is great travel companion  

Obviously, my role on the team involves investigating and assessing different ways of getting from A to B and the best way to make use of your time at B, before travelling back to A.

So, if I am asked to give my opinion on a book, I am naturally going to assess it on its merits as a travel companion.

Not all books travel well

When you live in a western democracy you see a book as a book and a story as a story, so it is worth starting with a word of caution.

I am not sure that I would be comfortable travelling to every country with a copy of The Counterfeit Candidate in my hand luggage.

The Counterfeit Candidate is a story with characters that include a European fascist dictator, the architect of some of the evillest activities known to history and links them to much revered political figures from South America in a plot that involves securing the candidature for President of the USA.

I can cope with the odd, strange look from a fellow passenger, and I could probably explain the plot to a curious row or lounge neighbour.

But, I can do without any questions from a security guard should I and my luggage be pulled to one side at a security check.

Pick-up Put-down

One of the issues with travelling and reading is that you often find yourself at a key point in the plot just as your flight or train is called and you must go and stand in a line as you wait to board.

I understand that people need to find out what happens before they can put the book down, but I hate being behind those avid readers.

With The Counterfeit Candidate that problem is solved. Yes, the plot is addictive, but the chapters are essentially written in a way that focuses on making the point, moving the plot along rather than providing lots of prose about the folds in a character’s handkerchief.

Loved it

With that approach to writing in mind, let me get to the point.

I loved The Counterfeit Candidate. Brian Klein may not have a library of literary greats under his belt, but he certainly knows how to tell a story that grabs your attention and takes you on a journey or ups and downs, and twists and turns.

At the end I was left thinking that was a great read and hoping that Klein delivers a follow-up that answers the questions his plot has left me needing answers to.

Travel read?

Yes, I would travel with The Counterfeit Candidate, but only in the literary form. I’ll hope that security identify him in the queue and deny him boarding.