Using Social Media to Enhance Your Job-Hunting

We look at the importance of making sure you have a positive social media presence if you are job hunting

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Social media is important

Research conducted amongst 100 headhunters across the United Kingdom by InterExec has found that  84% of top UK senior executive headhunters agree that having a social media profile is important for senior executives seeking a new role.

What is a good social media profile?

InterExec’s ‘top tips’ in how to network successfully using social media, include:

  • Build up useful and relevant connections to demonstrate your professional networking experience;
  • Share your personality attributes that you would not otherwise be able to convey in a CV;
  • Keep your interests strictly professional;
  • Check for grammar and spelling mistakes just as you would in your CV or covering letter;
  • Ensure information is consistent with what is in your CV or resumé.

Social Media can get you headhunted

Debbie Pask of Pask Partnership says that all managers need to think about how their social media profiles describe them.

An increasing number of recruiters are using social media not just as a way of checking out candidates but also as a way of identifying potential candidates in the first place.


People are missing a trick if they fail to utilise the opportunities that Linkedin offers the professional job hunter.

Professional networking

It is important to remember says Debbie that Linkedin is a professional networking site, and that any profile that you have on there must remain focused on you as a professional.

LinkedIN tips

  • You need to have photograph that portrays you in a positive professional manner, not a holiday snap.
  • Make sure that you have testimonials from senior stakeholders that you worked with, ideally both HR and line/operational Heads;
  • Make sure that you have a significant number of contacts (at least 100 if you can) so that you appear to be well networked yourself.
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