How Do You Get Headhunted?

A look at how to become one of those people who get telephone calls from head hunters

The majority of vacancies are never advertised. They are filled by people the employer or a recruitment consultant knows.

Most vacancies are not ddvertised

Job hunters often forget that the majority of vacancies are not advertised.

Recruitment consultants fill them from a database of candidates they already know.

Employers also operate candidate databases of people who approach them directly. This enables positions to be filled very quickly, and saves the cost of advertising.

Totally off market job hunters

Being approached because you have put your name on a database is not the same as being approached because of your reputation.

You receive a telephone call out of the blue from somebody you have never heard of.

But they have heard of you! But how?

Build Your Reputation

You can be very successful in your job and a key part of the team, but unless you get your name known and tell people what you have achieved you will not get that telephone call.

You are a commodity

Your career is a commodity built out of your skills, knowledge, experience and personality.

Marketing that commodity means understanding your strengths, and weaknesses, the opportunity a company gets from employing you, and the threats to your existing employer of loosing you.

Promote yourself

It is no good being modest about your achievements.

When you do something good make sure that you get your company’s marketing department to promote it externally.

Both head hunters and your employer’s competitors want to know who is responsible for the success your company achieves.

Become a media expert

Newspapers, magazines and websites are always looking for experts who can provide them with content on a subject of interest to their readers.

Professional Associations

Attend the meetings of your professional association. It is a safe place to meet your competitors, and potential future colleagues.

If they get to know you, and like you, they will come to trust you and think of you when they have a vacancy.

Joining the committee will give you even more exposure.


Professional associations are networking organisations, of which there are many more.

Some are open to all; some focus on particular locations; some are only for men or only for women; and some focus on specific job roles.

There will be one or more that you fit in to comfortably. Join them. Not only do they provide a great way to meet potential new employers, you may also meet some new clients.