The Perils of Weight Around Your Waist

Understanding age related weight gain – middle aged spread – changed my attitude and my behaviour

I never saw what other people see

​I have two images that really made me stop and think about my body.

The first made me laugh somewhat. It is a cartoon that was drawn at a BMW test day, one of those days when you go along to a posh hotel and have the opportunity to drive every car in the range. Well, in-between the drives, there was a cartoonist doing cartoons as a way of filling the time. I recognised the face but not really the rather rotund body, but it’s a cartoon so I always laughed it off.

The second is a photograph of me taken in the coffee shop at work.

I am dressed in a suit and there is no mistaking the excess weight that I am carrying around my middle, the most dangerous place for a man to carry excess weight. But at the same time it is where we all accept we are going to carry extra weight once we reach a certain point in life.

Age related weight

​Some people put this down to age, the dreaded middle-aged spread. Others say it is down to increasing affluence and the ability to purchase labour saving devices or get others to do labour intensive work for us.

It doesn’t matter what causes the excess weight it is excess; something we just don’t need and yet look down any street, and you will see that the majority of people seem to be over-weight.

That is what I am doing now, sitting in a restaurant at a table with a view of the street. I have ordered one of the healthy options in accordance with the eating out advice leaflet that my personal trainer provided when I first visited him a couple of days ago. But as my eyes are drawn to the street I cannot help but notice just how many fat people are passing window.

Fitness evangelist

​It’s only been a couple of weeks but I am at risk of becoming like the religious convert or the new non smoker, someone who wants to evangelise about weight and fitness, but I have to acknowledge that just a few months ago I would have ordered the fatty high calorie option believing that my metabolic rate was still pumping away at the same rate it had in my teens.

Bio Signature

​Although the pictures that I mentioned did make me want to take action it is the Bio Signature analysis that really drove home the urgent need to do something about my weight and fitness.

It is an apt name, Bio Signature; it’s like the mark that I have left on my body.

Developed by Charles Poliquin the Bio Signature analysis has identified how my body stores fat and the hormonal imbalances which that storage highlights.

My personal trainer has used that data to create a diet and exercise programme or at least options I can take if I wish that will help me to address those imbalances and lose weight, even in those places that cling to fat.

The ‘Big Yin’

At this point I am to be honest a sceptic, my theory as yet unproven in practice, well I haven’t really put it in to practice that well, is that if I am going to lose weight I need to eat less and move more. It’s a scientific theory developed I am told by Billy Connolly. We will see!

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