I am not lifting many weights in this gym

A look at the benefits of stretching exercises for repairing damaged muscles and building strength

I have told a couple of mates that I now have a personal trainer, but I think I might stop. It’s getting a bit embarrassing. My mates are asking me what sort of weights I am lifting and pressing and I have to be honest I haven’t really touched any weights yet.

Stretching emphasis

The emphasis of the exercise programme it’s all on a card he gets out at the start of each session, seems to be on stretching, lots of stretching exercises.

Injury recover

You see the thing is a couple of months ago someone not to use the brakes to stop their car at a roundabout, instead they opted to use my car instead. My car was battered and bruised more than a bit, but thanks to the team at Just Car Clinic the car at least is in perfect order. I suffered a whip lash injury. It’s an injury that I must admit I thought people made up, but let me tell you it’s not something you should add to your to experience list.

The consequences are all cumulative, you don’t know how bad they are going to get as the muscles recover from the trauma of being thrown forward and then back again with great force in a split second.

Stretching and strengthening

Although I joke about not using many weights there is sound reasoning in the exercise plan.

The aim is to help the muscles repair themselves by providing gentle stretches and built strength by using my body weight rather than additional weights.

It is working, I didn’t think that it would, but it is working. I am getting less pain in my lower back, but I am still suffering with pain in my neck.

Favourite stretch – the Cobra

I have now done so many stretches, far too many to mention here, but a couple are definitely worth a mention.  It’s hard to decide which of them is my favourite. One is called the Cobra, it involves lying face down on the floor and lifting both your legs up from the hip and your chest up from the waist with your arms stretched out to the side.

Heaven knows what I must look like but it has a reassuring no pain no gain element.


The other is the plank.

Again you lie face down on the floor and then raise your body up supporting your body on your tip toes and your elbows. It is called the plank because you have to keep your back and legs perfectly straight, no kinks or dips and no arching either. It sounds very, very easy, but you should try it.

I am convinced that I have experienced something taken from Beau Gestes’ training manual.



Image by Prawny from Pixabay

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