The Four Works Explained

Why the four works are important to everyone who works or wants to work, and the organisations that employ them

What’s in a name

When we started to redesign and redefine what we wanted the employees’ guide to employment to be in the future we knew that the name we selected would have to both

  • describe what we were trying to achieve,
  • prompt people to think about that name

After talking to a lot of people asking them why they work and what they think about work we decided that there were four different and distinct aspects of work.

Getting Work

It doesn’t matter what sort of work you do, or the stage you are at your working life, getting the right sort of work for you will impact your ability to achieve the sort of work life balance that you aspire to. will provide content that helps people who want to find the right sort of work for them.

  • Work that provides them with opportunities to apply their skill, knowledge and attitudes to contribute to the success of their organisation and achieve their lifestyle aspirations.
  • Work that provides them with the opportunity to develop work related skills and knowledge that enables them to build competencies that result in both career and personnel development.

Getting work is not only about the process of finding or changing jobs. Too often people get into the habit of working with an employer or in a job.

Getting work also has to be about giving people the confidence to assess whether the job they were so excited to start is still helping them to fulfil their career and lifestyle aspirations, and to work with their employer to readdress any imbalance and be successful at work.

Success at Work

We all have different ways of defining what a successful career looks like. Not everyone wants to climb to the top of a management structure, which is just as well, as there aren’t enough jobs available at the top for everyone.

The first step that everyone needs to take if they want to be successful at work is defining what success looks like for them. Never measure your level of success by measuring yourself against the standards of what someone else has achieved or what they say they want or will achieve. will provide content that helps people to work out

  • What having a successful career, regardless of the job they do, means to them
  • How they can achieve their definition of success
  • What they have to do to be successful in the organisation that they work in

Avoiding and Resolving Problems at Work

No matter how hard we work or how happy we are at work, at some point some sort of problem is likely to arise. It may be a slight irritation or something that may impact our ability to stay with that employer. will provide content that helps people to

  • Proactively identify the potential for problems to arise
  • Raise concerns about issues at work including governance and health and safety
  • Avoid problems in relationships with colleagues of all types
  • Reach positive outcomes when problems arise
  • Deal with issues that they have no control over
  • Rebuild relationships after problems have been resolved

Making Work, Work – Work Life Balance

In the past if you asked people what they enjoyed about work and they would be likely to answer that if what they did at work was fun it would not be work.

Ask those people why they worked, and a likely answer would be they it was necessary in order to pay their bills.

Yet looking back with hindsight at the hours that those people worked and the way in which work took priority over other aspects of life we could reasonably define many of those people as living to work.

Today, people are increasingly working to live and want to make work, work so that they can fulfil their lifestyle aspirations. will provide content that helps people to

  • Understand why they enjoy work
  • Find activities to do away from work
  • Improve all aspects of their well-being; financial, physical, mental, and social,

We will help people to live life through four hobbies that

  1. Pay their bills
  2. Feed their soul
  3. Keeps them healthy
  4. Creates their legacy
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